Wednesday, May 16, 2018

So... Hunted by Angels is now available for your reading pleasure. For those who've read the previous version, I hope you enjoy this updated HBA. And for all the newbies... I hope you love Perry and Haines as well. Check out the links below.

Barnes and Noble
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You can also come on over and stalk me on FacebookTwitterAmazon, and my Wild Rose Press page.

Later, Natches.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Hunted by Angels is now WITH... The Wild Rose Press

It's been forever. Like... forever. Not really? You're right.
I won't load you down with the specifics, unless you ask with cookies, but there has been a ton of stuff going on. So, grab a small coffee and check out some new stuff.

Hunted by Angels, which I previously self-published, has been picked up by The Wild Rose Press. It has been updated and is now even more steamy. I didn't think it was that steamy in the first place until my mother refused to read past the first twenty pages. She said she just couldn't do it. Knowing that her youngest seed was that grown-up made her vomit in her mouth a little. Everyone else just said that wanted Haines to themselves. Thanks.

I had a great time at the 2017 HallowRead. It was a blast! I had a chance to meet some great people, a few of my favorite authors, and a huge bee that was outside the food truck. Seriously. I had to outrun that bad-boy and have my mother get my food for me. It was relentless. I still had a wonderful time and cannot wait until this years' HallowRead. Come check us out!

And... we have a puppy! She's the cutest. I'll show you her pick on the next post. Nyla, my sweet Husky puppy, behaves as if she's a starlet and I'm the paparazzi.

So! All is awesome in the land of Me and I just wanted to share.

Later, Natches.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Just sharing...

It's been quite a while since I posted here and I wanted to share a blog tour post that I did as a participating author at the HallowRead Mini-con that's held in Maryland every October. I wanted to type up this really long description of who I met and what it was like, but this blog post should cover it.

If you remember (I'm sure you do!) I started going to the HallowRead four years ago as a serious fan-girl who probably freaked out a few of my favorite authors. And a few months ago, ladies and gents, I got to sit next to one of those authors as a panelist. My attempted to not freak out did not go unnoticed. C.J. Ellisson was nice to be, remembered me, and gave me a few pointers. She rocks the bells.

Any who! Here goes that post. Originally posted on on September 5, 2016.

In the middle of the woods at the abandoned Patapsco Female Institute, I was silently followed by Dracula’s minion Renfield. It was awesome. In a Victorian Tea Room, a mechanical parrot squawked at me every time I got a little too close to its owner. The picture still makes me smile. And at a pub in Ellicott City surrounded by many of the featured authors of the HallowRead, I was encouraged to stop worrying about what was practical and let my stories be heard.

I listened.

The Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Horror and Steam Punk sanctuary that I found at the HallowRead mini-con was the push I needed to start writing again and seek publication. Watching the authors answer questions about gods and devils, angels and demons, shifters and other supernatural beings put a picture in my head of me answering those same questions as a panelist, and meeting the wonderful people who loved to read about them. When Rachel MacNeil Rawlings, founder of the HallowRead and amazing author, told me I would be a featured author at this year’s event, I felt like a teenage girl who had just been introduced to her favorite boyband.

After a few short stories, articles and two self-published books I’ve found that there is an audience for a group of angels and demons who live in the same neighborhood; that werewolves and Lilith, first wife of Adam, have a lot in common, and that the ghost of the little girl in the swimming pool isn’t really as nice as she looks.

The HallowRead is a place where you can meet your favorite authors, find new books, and maybe even do a little ghost hunting. Classes, interactive plays, and a Steam Punk Tea are just a few of the great events that have been available at the HallowRead in the past and I’m excited to see what this year’s mini-con will bring.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Full time writer...

As of today I have moved from the world of being a working girl (not the hooker-kind) to a stay at home mother and writer. 

The weeks leading up to this day were a big blur. I started preparing myself by writing down goals to achieve, such as how many words to write a day and where I’m going to be in three years, and by cleaning out my desk at work. I didn’t know I had at least three full meals in my working space and countless snacks hiding in the refrigerator. 

But, I’m ready. I’ve been ready for a long time. There were always too many excuses why I couldn’t write every day. One of the big ones: I like to sleep when my toddler sleeps. There were plenty of days I went to work after writing for hours, taking my daughter to the potty between 2:42a-3:48a every night, and then getting no more than three hours of sleep. Can you imagine the bitch I turned into at work after nights like those? My co-workers can, but I still managed to be the weird quiet one in the office. I was cool with that.

So! On to the writing. This is going to be fun. 

That is all.

Monday, July 20, 2015

The Dangers of Flossing

It’s a little after 2am. I’m conditioning my hair with eggs, mayo and honey and I just finished eating hummus and carrots. And pita chips. Mmm, chips.  I’ve got about ten more minutes to kill before rinsing out my awesome conditioning concoction, and I decide to floss. Alas, my husband used all of the floss last night but neglected to write ‘floss’ on the To Buy list.

All I can hear in my head is Wild Bill from Silence of the Lambs scream at my hubby, “It writes the floss on the market list!” in his best It puts the lotion in the basket voice. But that’s neither here nor there. Those are just the weird things that go floating around in my brain from time to time.
But I digress.

I go searching through the bathroom closet looking for those little hand-held plastic flossing thingies. I know I picked some up at a dollar store a few weeks ago for two bucks.
Finally, after like one whole minute of searching I find them; sitting on top of my hair supplies like it owns them. I pull out a few and get to work, finding bits of carrots and pepperoni hiding. I get between the last two teeth at the back of my mouth, right side, and force the floss down. 

Side note: I had braces when I was younger and now only use the Glide Floss. You could probably string a guitar with that stuff but it fits between my teeth. They are weirdly close together in that one spot in the back. 

Moving on. 

After forcing the floss between the teeth and gently sliding up and down and back and forth, I try to pull the floss free. 

It decides it wants to hang around for a bit. 

So, I start (gently) pulling and the freakin’ floss is still (gently) refusing to budge. I stand there for a minute, drooling while the plastic floss thing is hanging halfway out of my mouth. I'm going to 'go hard' and yank it free. What’s the worst that could happen?

After yanking and damn near snatching my teeth out of my head, I silently scream so that I won’t wake my daughter and continue drooling like a wild animal that just had two teeth pulled out. Needless to say, the dentist is going to get a visit from yours truly this week. I think I did some damage. 

Moral to the story: there isn’t one. It’s now almost four in the morning and I’m sleepy.  

Just sharing!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Free download?

I’ve been reading. I’ve also been buying way too many books that I will only be able to read if I start reading now and don’t stop until my time on this lovely planet is up. Add a few more years to that and then I should be able to finish all the books on my Kindle and Nook app. Not to mention the prints that I pick up when one walks by and grabs me by the eyes.
Here’s the kicker: I’ve come to realize that I don’t like to pay .99 cents for 40 pages worth of writing. Don’t get me wrong! There are tons of authors who are kicking butt and taking names with that strategy. Fist bump to you. High five to you!
It’s just not me. I stopped buying those books last year and then I realized something. I was one of those authors!!! I’m sorry. Accept my apology.
Hunted by Angels was .99 cents for about 45 pages. Finding Angels was .99 cents for 80 pages.
So here is my solution…
Hunted by Angels, the complete novel, is finished. I’m going to upload the entire book through the original HBA link on Kindle and Nook. That means that all of you wonderful people who have purchased  Hunted by Angels already will be able to get an update. An update of the entire novel. For. Free.
For. Free.
‘Cause I love you guys. And ‘cause I’m a reader who understands that I can purchase an entire novel for .99 cents.
There it is. My big announcement. Hunted by Angels: the novel, will be available April 23, 2015. You’ll get to see what happened after ‘you know who’ was killed. You’ll get to see who the heck Perry really is. And you’ll get to see just how sinfully delicious Haines can be when he’s not being a bag of douche.

I can’t wait!! I hope you can’t either.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Thank you, Dean Winchester

It’s been a long time. A long, long, looonng time and I have no excuse. So I won’t give you one. I hit a skid mark a few months ago and I’ve finally managed to clean myself up. (Not a real skid mark, the metaphorical kind!) New job, tons of writing, an awesome daughter who makes life awesome, and I feel better. I feel lighter. It’s all good, y’all.  

My mom gave me a good dose of get-your-shit-together, the kind of meds only a mom can give you, and it started me on a path that I’m happy to be on. I have a better job, Bound is finished and edited and almost ready to be formatted for eBooks, and I’ve almost finished HBA. I put my beloved, snarky, Perry-girl on hold for a while and finished a few projects that were demanding to be completed. 

My muse, Cheyenne, has morphed into Dean Winchester and is puttin’ the pressure on me. After my mom gave me that great dose of ‘so what’ I came home, tried to ignore the computer, and realized she, by way of Dean, was standing behind me telling me to make it happen. 

So, here it goes. Thank you, Mom/Cheyenne/Dean; your sense-making-talks and threats are greatly appreciated. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Busy Lady

Hello All!
It has been so long since I got a chance to share my random with you. What have I been doing? you may ask. Well, I’ve been working on the werewolf novel. The folks from were awesome and Anita Mumm is the awesomist. Ms. Mumm used to work with the Nelson Literary Agency and is now offering her services to help writers make it happen with tons of stuff that she is awesome at. Did I mention she was awesome?

Becoming Angels is almost finished and I hope to have it available on Kindle by the end of next month. I decided to put everything in this last installment instead of breaking it up into two more pieces. More Perry for your money! Don’t’cha just love Perry?

My lovely daughter has become ‘Patient Zero’ in our house. What ever little toddler germs she happened upon at the sitter has now taken me and my hubby down. I, of course, am still doing my me-duties while my husband (who has the same thing as I do, only not as bad) seems to be dying of The Black Death. Oh, wait, he only seems that way…

The Maryland Writers Conference was great so I was pretty busy preparing for that AND I’ve still been going to work and doing all the other things yours truly just happens to do. So, there you have it. Since things have calmed down a bit I will begin making my weekly appearances. Cause I know you missed me. Or at least I hope you did...

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Party time!

Hello all!! This evening, CJ Ellisson
will be hosting the March Reader Party
on Facebook. If you get a chance stop by and check out all the great authors. Yours truly will be there. CJ hosts the event every month and it's always a blast. Stop by and check us us. You know you want to...

Friday, March 7, 2014

A tease?

Hello!  I've been working on the last part of the Perry Series and I gotta tell you... it's pretty awesome.  It's the last installment and you are going to love it.  Love.  It. 

Okay, I know I'm the author so I have no right to tell you how awesome it is.  You're supposed to tell me.  But I'm telling you!  You're.  Gonna.  Love It!  (In my best Samael voice)  And since I'm such a nice author I've chosen to share a few pages.

Whatdya think?  Here go the first few pages of  da da daaammmm... Becoming Angels!

Are you just as excited as I am???

Becoming Angels


“Perrian, you need to eat?”
“Haines, please go away.”
The door to my bedroom opens wider and I turn my face away from the light of the hallway.  I’ve been lying in the bed for the past day or so, only getting up to use the bathroom.  They’ve brought me food but, I can’t eat.  Part of me hopes that if I lay here long enough maybe I’ll wither away.  “Please, Haines.  Just go.  I don’t want to talk.”
 “You need to feed.”  The bed dips as he sits down behind me.  “It’s been two days.  I think you’re still bleeding.”
I shift and burry my face deeper into the pillows.  They smelled of dryer sheets for the first day.  “I can’t feed.  I keep thinking about my dad.  Anything sexual just…”
“You need to be strong.  The funeral is tomorrow and you can’t go with a hole through your body.”
After Samael killed my father Haines brought me and my mom back home.  Our home?  Aunt Rita took care of the body. 
My father’s body.
Aunt Rita is taking care of everything.  She put a ward around the house so that Samael couldn’t come in to do any more damage.  She’d figured it out the night my dad was murdered.  She was so excited that she finally managed to angel proof the house that she called at three in the morning to let us know. 
I lift my head and look at Haines.  “Did Aunt Rita ward Ryan and Trent’s house?  Your brother’s house?”
He lifts up my shirt to look at my stomach.  Samael used a bedpost from my parent’s bed to impale me to the wall in their bedroom.
“Yes,” he says, frowning.  “Rita sent the instructions to a local coven near my brother’s home.  She’s also working on a way to keep everyone safe when they’re not at home.  Especially for Roman and my new niece.”  He smiles.  “Her name is Riley.  Riley Marie.  She was born a few hours ago.”  His face lights up.
A ghost of a smile teases my lips.  “That’s beautiful.”  I flinch as he pulls the bandage off of my wound. 
            “My God.”  He gently returns the bandage and goes to the one on my back.  “You are healing.   I’ve never—”
“Demonic angel, remember?” I say, pulling my shirt down so he can stop gawking at me.  “Or would that be Angelic demon?” 
My mother is full-blooded succubus, a demon, and my father was an angel.  He wasn’t an angel when he died.  My mom and dad had some twisted, forbidden affair for the past few hundred years.  When my mother found out she was pregnant with me, my father fell from grace and became a mortal.  I’m what you get when an angel and a demon procreate. 
“You are amazing, Perrian.”
“I am useless, Haines.  I can’t do anything.”  As I lay back, a sharp pain shoots through my body where the wooden post once was.  “Samael is going to start killing people in less than a week if I don’t give in to him.”
Haines kicks off his slippers and lies down behind me, spooning me.  When did we get so comfortable with one another?
“You can kill him.”
“How?  With my bare hands?  Maybe I’ll seduce him and see if that’ll do it.  Drink him dry.”
He shakes his head.  “I don’t know.  Your aunt says there are ways.”
“Maybe he’ll stay still long enough for me to do it,” I say sarcastically.
I have no idea how to kill an angel.  A batshit crazy angel.  Maybe I should pray for God to take him.  Is that even allowed?  Dear God, kill this crazy angel to make him stop terrorizing me and my family because he thinks I am an abomination.  And I pray for world peace.  Amen.
“I’m sorry.  We can talk about it later.”  He scoots up closer behind me.  “You have to feed, Perrian.”
I sigh and wince. 
“Does it hurt to breathe?”
“Yes.  Hurts to talk, too,” I say, pushing him away.  “Leave me alone.”
 “No.” He moves closer to me.  “I’m not going to leave you alone.”
I pull my legs up to my chest.  “No!  I haven’t taken a bath.  And I’m pretty sure being impaled and having your blood ooze out of your body for two days doesn’t nice smell.  I just want to lay here and be sad!”
Why won’t he give it a rest?  I’ve been listening to him and my mother and my aunt the past few days tell me how I need to be strong and keep my chin up and it all sounds stupid.  They’re trying to encourage me but it just makes me feel even worse.  Even more powerless.  I don’t know what to do and having them tell me that I am strong enough makes me feel even less so.
“I’m supposed to save my family and friends and the only way I know how to do that is to die!”  I sweep away my tears.  “And I’m not ready to die.”
“You’re not going to die,” my mother says from the bedroom door.  “We don’t have time for this.”  She comes in and kneels in front of me.  “I’m sad, too, Perry.  But we’ve got to figure out how to get rid of that crazy bastard, so let your husband feed you so you can be ready.” 
Dear God, please make them shut-up and go away.  Is that a mean prayer?
She uses her sleeve to wipe away the tears and snot (only a mother) that are about to ruin my pillow.  “Tomorrow morning, we’re going to have a home going service for your father.  Your aunt and I are going to the Wiccan shop to get whatever she needs to finish the satchels that will protect us from Samael.  And then we’re going to collect kindling for your father’s funeral pyre.” 
I look her in the eyes and shake my head.  “I can’t kill him.  I don’t even know how.  It’s not like I can cut off his head or shoot him.  Maybe I’ll impale him.”
She smiles.  “We’ll figure it out.  Rita will figure it out.”  She sighs.  “Your father—”
“Is dead, so please.  Don’t tell me what he would want me to do.  Auntie came in with that crap last night.”
“Perrian!”  Haines says.  “Don’t talk to your mother like that.”
I gather as much strength as I can and push myself up off of the bed.  “Just get out!  Both of you.”  I wrap my arms around my belly and double over as I stand.  “Don’t bother.  I’m leaving.  I’m going to take a shower to get this blood off of me and pick out the shards of wood that I can feel rattling around in my belly.  And then I’m going back to sleep.” 
Pushing against the wall for support, I look up and see bloody hand prints next to me. 
Yup, I’m still bleeding.
“I could have been prepared for this,” I say, looking at my mother.  “You and dad lied to me.”  This is their fault.  My mother and father tried to protect me and did nothing but set me up for failure.  My nose begins to tickle and I start panicking.  What the hell is that smell?  Rita’s fucking spices!
Dear God, please don’t let me sneeze.  The first time I sneezed the night my father was killed, I almost passed out.  The pain radiated out from my wound and I thought I would die. 
“Goddammit!”  I sneeze and everything looks fuzzy.  I fall to my knees and sneeze again.  “Jesus,” I whisper. 
Haines jumps up and begins to walk toward me.  “Perrian.  You can’t say like this.”
“Don’t you touch me!” 
I deserve to be in pain.  To feel like I’m being ripped in half.  This is what I deserve for letting my father die.  There’s nothing I can do to help them.  It’s not their fault.  It’s mine.  It’s my fault my dad is dead.  Not my mother’s. 
I sneeze again and see black spots as I begin to lose consciousness.
            Lilith, please, just let me die.