Sunday, December 15, 2013

Know Your Roll!!

“Know your roll and shut your mouth.”  I used to love watching wrestling just so I could hear The Rock says that.  And to hear him call people ‘candy-assed jabronies’.  It was fun.  I still say it to my husband every now and then when we play.  He smiles and then I give him an attack hug.  Our daughter laughs and then tries to pull us apart.  I would never say anything like that to him if we weren’t joking around.  I may want to, but I know the boundaries.
I just finished reading the first book in a romance trilogy.  The name of the book and its author are not important, but I gotta tell you I will not be reading the next two books.  The sex scenes were steamy and it almost had a good storyline going.  But then it stops.  It went a little too far for my taste.  It’s one thing to have a dominant Alpha-male, but it’s another thing to have a man telling you what to wear, how to speak and what to do at any given time of the day.  That’s where the book wound up. 

The male lead in the book went from sexy man who desires a woman to an obsessive, stalker, borderline emotionally abusive rapist.  And it happened pretty quickly.  I kept reading and reading and hoping it would get better.  It didn’t.  I can honestly say that this book really bothered me. 

I can’t understand how the book has four stars with over a thousand reviews.  I went back and read the reviews and found that I am not the only person who was severely bothered.  Too many authors are trying to take Fifty Shades of Grey and run with it.  Some are successful.  Others fail poorly.  And others take Anna’s nickname for Christian, Fifty Shades of F**ked-up, and turn it into the literal translation. 

I have never read a book like the one I just finished and I hope to the stars above I never do it again.
Why am I sharing this with you?  ‘Cause this is my blog and I’m a writer.  You go to writer’s blogs to find out what they’re reading or what they’re releasing.  Well, there you go.  I just read something that made me cringe and wonder where the heck these romance books are headed.  Give me a strong Alpha-male any day and I’ll love it.  Give me an abusive prick and I want nothing more to do with you. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Terrible, terrible, sucky

This past weekend a very, very bad thing happened.  But first let me give you a little back story.  You’ll know the big bad when you read it.  It’s not going to pop out of nowhere.  Your eyeballs will cringe when I type it.  Here goes.

My husband bought me a laptop for my birthday earlier this year.  Before a few weeks ago I only used it once a month.  I would take it to our monthly critique meeting (Shout-out to my CCW!)  The laptop had Windows 7 which ran a little slow.  I’m convinced Windows 7 was designed for touch-screen computers and I do not have a touch-screen.  I finally downloaded Windows 8.1 and now it runs smoothly and I use it every day.  Happy Birthday to Me! 

On Saturday,  I say to myself, “Self, download all of your files onto this awesome computer so they will be readily available to edit.”  I never did that on my old laptop.  I’m a little paranoid about someone hacking and taking my work and blah, blah, whatever.  Here I go, just copying and pasting and a little error message pops up.  It pretty much says the file is wonky so I need to review it.  I review it.  I delete said stupid file.  And then I see it.  I see the horrible thing that just happened.  Everything on my USB drive has been deleted.  All 80+ files are gone.  Save one entitled ‘Weres’. 

My mouth is open and a little screeching noise is pouring out of my mouth.  Thank the Lord my daughter was napping, or she would have seen mommy have a nervous break-down.  I begin clicking and crying and looking and searching.  They are gone.  My files are f-ing gone.  Years of hard work and awesome ideas are gone!
This pic right here is exactly what I looked like.  With brown skin and glasses, but you get my drift.  Horrified. I just needed you to know exactly how this went down.  Pics included.

I go to Facebook and do an all call for help.  Everyone tells me to ask Bran, someone I went to high school with.  He is a computer wiz.   He deserves a cookie.  First, he asks me if I have an external hard drive.  I do not.  I use three USB drives which apparently makes me a dummy-head. 

Lesson.  Learned.

He tells me that we’ll talk Sunday or Monday so that he can get every single detail.  In the mean time, Mrs. Nee-Nee sends me a link that her wife gave her.  It’s a recovery link.  Praise the Lord, it worked-- a little.  I was able to recover most of the lost files and the ones that I couldn’t were on the other USB drive.  Bad thing is, I updated the 'other' USB earlier this year so some of the stories that I’ve worked on are out of date. 

But do you want to know a good thing?  A great thing?  The one file that I’ve been working my arse off on was the only file saved.  The Only File Saved.  I’m convinced that the finger of God was on that file and I praise Him for it.  My attention has been on that file and everything else is saved with the US Copyright Office.  Older versions.  Something is better than nothing.

I haven’t written anything since Saturday.  I’m a little afraid to work on it, afraid that another monkey-wrench will do something horrendous and delete my files before my external heard drive arrives.  But that doesn’t work.  It’s actually pretty bad.  So tonight, I’m going to work on my work.  Fearlessly. 
Just thought I’d share this stuff with you.  ‘Cause you just needed to know. 


Friday, November 29, 2013

I'm Working on It!

For the past month, my nights have been filled with editing Bound, my werewolf novel.  I finished writing it earlier this year, but I took a step away from it.  I really big step.  No, I shouldn’t have put it on hold for this long, but there’s no use in crying over spilled tequila.  It doesn’t change anything.  I used to be a big worrier, but I try to stay away from that part of me.   The uselessness of it is so time consuming and it doesn’t help.  I'm also a big procrastinator.  

What does help?  I’m so glad you asked.  Doing something.  Editing and writing.  Tweeting to gain more followers and posting Facebook posts to get more Likes.  For me, it’s a slow process.  But, it’s still helping. 

That worrier part of me tried to sneak in.  I started comparing myself to other people and thinking of how slow I was.  I’ve done it before.  Comparing how much weight I would lose compared to him or her.  Comparing how many words I wrote a day to how many the websites say I should be writing.  I was failing miserably.  It doesn’t help to compare yourself with others.  You’re either being self-serving or self-deprecating. 

I’m moving at my own pace.  And yes, I am a horrible procrastinator but, I have to deal with that aspect of my personality in a more constructive way.  And that’s what I’ve been doing.  

It feels great.  Liberating.  I won’t lie to you.  I’m still dragging ass, but at a much faster pace!  Things are getting done.  I spend less time worrying and more time getting things done.

Just thought I’d share with you.  You may be having the same problem.  But don’t worry.  Drag your ass a little faster than you did yesterday, and the day before that.  Soon, it’s done.  And then you have something else to do.  If you’ve learned your lesson it’ll get done faster.  If not, it’s up to you.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, either way, you're right.” –Henry Ford

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Good Times

Last weekend I attended the Hallowread in Ellicott City, Maryland.  It was organized by Rachel Rawlings and it was awesome.  HallowRead was a book convention for authors and fans of Paranormal/Urban Fantasy, SteamPunk and Horror genres.  There were tons of authors there.  It.  Was.  Awesome!  

 CJ Ellisson,  Rachel Rawlings , Laura Kay,  JD Brown... the list could go on and on. I also discovered some new authors whose books are now at the top of my ‘To Read’ list on my Kindle.  This year was the first HallowRead and I can’t wait for next year’s convention.  Here is a picture of all the swag I picked up.

 Photo: All of my free swag from the Hallowread. Doesn't even include the books that I bought.

Going there and being around such wonderful people has inspired me to submit my work.  I started editing my novel, Bound, and set a goal to read at least 70 pages a week.  Why 70?  ‘Cause I should be able to fit in ten pages a night.  And that’s only if my daughter cooperates.  Even so, 70 pages a week is doable. 

I asked CJ Ellisson about it and she pretty much told me to stop dragging ass and start submitting.  So, that’s what I’m going to do.  I’ll start submitting the end of next month and I have nothing but faith.  And good work.

So, what now?  You can download Hunted by Angels for free, yes FREE, today and then you can follow up with Finding AngelsAnd after you completely fall in love with Perry and Haines leave a comment and like me on my facebook page,  RABoydwriter

I was able to have dinner (yes dinner!) with a few of my favorite authors and some fellow fan buddies.   

Photo: Awesome dinner Saturday night with some AMAZING authors & a few very excited fans!! Jordan K. Rose, Hildie McQueen, Jennifer Brown, Deana Potter, C.j. Ellisson, Laura Kaye, Selena Mc & Amy Stracke

The HallowRead was great.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Finding Angels

Hello der! (in my best Professor Von Drake’s voice)  Anyone who has a child who likes the Mickey Mouse Club knows exactly what I’m trying to sound like.  And I’m pulling it off, just so you know.  

It’s been a while and I’ve been working hard.  Finding Angels  is now available on Kindle and I can’t wait for you to read it.  I do so hope you enjoy it.  I enjoyed writing it.  

“What’s next on your schedule, R.A. Boyd?” you may ask.  Well, I’m going to finish editing Bound so that I can start querying agents and then I’m going to write the last part of the Perry Series.  I’m not sure whether I want to break it up into two releases or just give it to you straight.   

What do you think?

Monday, October 14, 2013

Letting go of doubt

Go me! Finding Angels is done!  Yes, long overdue.  But it's epic.  It's better.  It's a complete rewrite from what I promised to give you by the end of the Summer.  And it is awesomer.  Yes.  That is what we will call it.  Awesomer.

I let a few things get in the way of me finishing Finding Angels.  Hindrance numero uno:  me.  Fear of change and fear of failure got in the way.  But what the heck.  You liked Hunted by Angels.  This is so much better. 

Finding Angels will be available on Tuesday, October 22nd.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Just so you know

So, I just had a weird dream and I thought I’d share some of it with you.  My dreams are one of the ways I come up with ideas for short stories or novels.  I won’t go into extreme detail about the dream but, here goes.

I’m standing in the door of a market watching a thirty-something, hard-body bag boy bag groceries.  I’ve written him a love letter letting him know that I know he’s a werewolf but I love him anyway.  Somehow, hard-body bag boy has the love letter in his possession and he is severely pissed off.  Is it because I love him?  Is it because I know he’s a werewolf?  Is it because I refer to him as hard-body bag boy? 

No clue.

Anyway, I’m suddenly standing in front of a large, Victorian-style home and it belongs to me and my mother.  In this dream, my mother happens to be a cherry-blonde white woman.  Have you noticed I’m African-American? 

Suddenly, Sam and Dean Winchester are there with me because they’ve heard that hard-body bag boy is out for my blood.  So we start werewolf proofing the house. 

The villain his there!  Trying to get into the house and after all that proofing, he gets in!  Me, Sam, Dean and my cherry-blonde mother are now in a room that is completely safe.  By some crazy circumstance we have now gone into a singing, costume changing montage and let me just say that Sam Winchester, Jared Padelecki, looks good in nothing but the American flag (WTF!)  posing like Mick Jagger and Dean Winchester, Jensen Ackles, looks good in…everything! 

All of a sudden, Miley Cyrus comes crashing through our safe room on a freaking wrecking ball!  Scares the bejesus out of everyone, including the insane, hard-body bag boy. 

I woke up.  Scared.  Looking around the room.

And there you have it.  Sounds stupid and I don’t know where it came from, but now I have an idea for a short story. 

Betcha’ can’t wait to read it.

 Just in case you were wondering, no I didn't have any alcohol before bed.  But, I think I need a drink after the shenanigans that went down in my dream...