Friday, March 8, 2013

How much is too much?

MaryJanice (yes, that is her first name) Davidson did a reading of her book at the Barnes and Noble in Columbia a few years ago.  She’s my favorite author and if I didn’t go listen to her speak, my eyeballs were going to explode and I wouldn’t have been able to breath for a few days.  At least two.  Anyway, I asked her how she edited her books before she was THE MaryJanice Davidson.  Did she hire an editor?  Was she a member of a critique group?  She told me her husband read it.  He was her ‘editor’ and now look at her! 
That leads me to my concern this week:  how should I have my book edited?

I’m a member of the Charm City Writers Critique group. We go over 10-15 pages a month.  My ‘best, good’ (ode to Forrest Gump) critique buddy Faye McCray and I exchange about 70-80 pages a month.  We're almost done going through each others books and when it’s done, I’m almost tempted to throw all 78, 000 words at her and beg her to reread the whole thing now that we’ve gone through it once.  She may chuck it back at me and run off.  I hope not.  We’ll see.

I’m getting away from myself. 

Am I overdoing it?  Should I let it be or have another read through?  I don’t know. 

I want it to be perfect.  As perfect as humanly possible.  But nothing is perfect.  No one is.  Well, He is.  But we’re talking about my human, Roslyn-written book.  I love this book.  I know these characters and I talk to them so they can tell me what they want me to say for them.  Am I sullying their sweet words?  Am I being a worry-wart?

Though writing is what I do really well, besides being a great mom and wife (yea me!), it makes me feel like a teenage girl who was just asked to the prom by the second cutest guy in school.  The cutest guy is with that skinny pom-pom carrying biznatch, just so you know.  But the second cutest is way awesomer.  He’s the artsy type, so he’s wayyy better.

Should I self-publish a few pieces on Kindle or just start stalking agents?  I’ve got one in my sights.  She already loves me and she just doesn’t know it! 

But she will.

Any suggestions?

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