Sunday, March 17, 2013

On your mark...

So, I’ve decided.  I’m going to publish a few pieces on Kindle.  It’s a short story I’ve been working on.  The first thirty pages or so will be free.  A girlfriend of mine pretty much told me to get on with it or get off the pot.  I enjoy the potty!  I don’t want to get off.  It’s warm and cozy and comfortable on the potty!
Yes, I will begin submitting my novel to agents in a few months but I want to make sure it’s in a more awesome state.  I’m giving myself until May 1st.  The date was going to be April 15th but I’m trying to be realistic.  My daughter is an awesome ball of walking/running energy, I work, and I’m trying to find a book cover for the short story that I’m going to publish on Kindle.  I’d only be lying to myself if I said I’d be finished rereading the entire novel by April 15th.  The only time I really get to write or edit is when my daughter is asleep, it’s late at night, I’ve still got quite a few things to do and I’m forcing myself to write at midnight.  It’s hard.  Doable, but hard.  
Shout-out to my buddy for having her work requested by an agent after submitting her query.  She is awesome and so is her novel.  She’s going to do awesome. 

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  1. I think May 1st is a good deadline. I can't wait to see your stuff on Kindle and be prepared for me to use you for your infinite Kindle knowledge lol. Thanks for the shout!