Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pirate Ship? Tardis? What would you do?

I get tons of stuff from Writers Digest.  My inbox is full of stuff from them.  Daily.  I love it!  I sit at work and read every word of every email and link they send me.  At home, I pretty much kind of run through them because my 14-month old daughter doesn’t like me being focused on anything but her unless the Mickey Mouse Club or Little Einstein’s are on. God help the person who disturbs her clapping little hands with Leo and the gang or grooving as she does the Hotdog dance.  The dirty looks she gives have an eerie way of making you shut-up. 

Anyway, I received ‘Your Weekly Writing Prompt’ from WD which is supposed to inspire writers to… you know… Write. 

In the last week of February, the prompt was called ‘The Boat’.  It asked what you would do if you were reading your favorite book on the beach and noticed a boat slowly drifting to shore and then lands near you.  A person dressed as a pirate yells, “I have a treasure map and I need help. Are you in?” Answer in 500 words or less.

So, what would I do if a dude draped in pirate clothes drifted in his boat near my spot and asked me was I in with finding treasure from a map he had?  Question one: do you have any weapons in that there boat ‘cause I’ve got the sneaking suspicion we’re going to need a few.  If you give me a minute, I have a few swords upstairs.  Seriously.  I do.  Question two: do I have time to grab an extra change of clothes?  I don’t like being dirty.  (If not, I’m still in).  Question three:  you don’t want to do anything weird to me, do you?  I will attack you savagely without abandon if I feel threatened.

Once my questions were answered, and he said no and honestly looked offended at the third question, I would hop in his boat and push-off.  Look alive mattes!  We’ve got buried treasure to find!
Here goes an even better question:  what would you do if the Doctor (yip-yip to my fellow Whovians!) showed up in the Tardis and asked if you were game?  Question one: can you bring me back to this date and time after we have our time-traveling shenanigans so I don’t miss my daughter growing up? 
Fear not beloved Doctor, I believe you can. 
Hanging out with the Doctor and traveling with a pirate are things I think about without being prompted to every single day.  Standing in my kitchen, I think I hear the whir of the Tardis beckoning me.  I imagine being on a pirate ship looking for lost stuff.  Driving down the street, I put myself into my character’s shoes and wonder what they would do or say so I can write it down when I get home.  I think about this stuff every day.  I hear song lyrics and they insight an entire world that calls for me to create it. 
Why?  Because I’m a writer.  Every day I get ideas.  I build on ideas I already have.  If I don’t write, even just for myself, I get shaky and irritated.  Ask my husband.  If I’m too weird, he’ll ask one simple question.  No, it’s not if I’m PMS-ing.  “When was the last time you wrote?”

He asks because he knows that writing is a part of me and if I don’t do it, if I don’t let it out, I get hit with Marvin the Martian’s Discombobulator and everything goes wonky.   

Just sharing.

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