Thursday, April 11, 2013

Check me out!

Exposure.  That’s what I’m working on.  You see, I’m not all that computer savvy so Blogger is perfect for me.  My page may be a bit rudimentary but dudes, I’m trying here.  It’s a start!  Any who, I just added my first published piece to my Blogger page for people who check me out to… well… you know… Check me out!  It’s called Halliegh.   Check it out on the right side of this here page, eh! 

Moving on.  It’s almost one in the morning and I've still got tons of stuff to do.  I’m off work tomorrow (yeah!) and I’d like to mop the kitchen and bathroom floors and then spray The Spray.  We live in a single family home completely surrounded by grass.  We have two trees on our property and we live in an area where Wolf Spiders like to some say, “What up!”  So, The Spray is to keep those little buggers out.  I detest the good for nothing things and they are bad news for children.  I’m waging a personal war on those terrible arachnids.  First thing to do: spray The Spray.  Second:  let the lawn service people know we’re interested in that stuff, we’ll call it The Stuff, that they can treat the lawn with to cut down on bugs.  Sounds extreme, but whateva!  I've killed three already.  They started this war, babee!

Coming soon (as soon as I figure out how): Hunted By Angels.  Well, the first thirty pages are coming to a Kindle near you.  I've got the book cover (yip-yip).  Yes I know, I’m cheesy. 

I’m ok with it.  Are you?

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  1. Ah! Congrats! This is the first topic on our coffee-talk agenda Saturday. So exciting!