Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Just a quick one

My muse, Cheyenne, has been very sympathetic.  She deserves a cookie.  Those of you who have read my blog before knows she can get pretty upset when I don't write.  The only person she seems to bow down to is my 15 month old daughter.  And my little baby had a fever, that lasted way too long for my tastes, of close to 103 degrees.  Her doctor kept telling me it was fine.  Keep her medicated.  Give her lukewarm baths.  Keep her hydrated.  It took a few days for that crap to work!

But Cheyenne was nice about it.  She had no choice.  So, as her fever broke so did the editing floodgates.  The book cover is done.  I said I'd be finished editing Bound by May 1st and that is still my goal.  Oh, and the first 30 pages of Hunted by Angels will be available on Kindle May 15th for free.  I still have a lot to do!

My baby is feeling better and I hope my supervisor doesn't hate me for taking off a few days.  I understand she has a business to run and I even called her for some "help me get my daughter's temperature down!" help.

Baby-girl is sleeping now, but I just had to get up and do some editing.  And Facebooking.  And I even updated my Twitter page.  Look at me!

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