Monday, April 29, 2013

Moving along

My goal was to be finished rereading and editing my novel Bound by May 1st.  I believe it’s safe to say I’m not going to make it.  At first, I was a little discouraged and called myself a few not nice names.  Cheyenne, the cow, put her two cents in as well.  After she calmed down and I agreed to stop ignoring her, we came to an agreement.  No, I didn't finish the reread.  But, I added in a few scenes AND starting the self-publishing process of Hunted by Angels.  I acquired the book cover for HBA and with input from my group members (Sup CCW!), it’s finished.  I also did a reread of HBA.  Not so bad, eh! 

My birthday was a few weeks ago.  And guess who sent me an automated “Happy Birthday” note?  Stephen King!  Okay, I’m on his mailing list and he didn't send it personally, but it still felt really great.  And with that, I began rereading his book On Writing.  In it, he tells the story of when his daughter got really sick and he and his wife were broke.  Their daughter needed THE PINK STUFF which was amoxicillin.  They couldn't afford it.  When he and his wife got home on a Saturday afternoon, both carrying a sick child, there was an envelope in the mailbox.  Mail wasn't really that common on a Saturday and he hoped and prayed the letter wasn't another bill.  When he opened it, it was a check.  For five hundred bucks. It was the money for Sometimes They Come Back, a long story he had written.  He hadn't even thought the story was sell. 

Why did I share this with you?  Come on, you should already know!  On days when I think that I couldn't make any less money working, I haven’t written in a while and I’m getting crabby, my husband says sweet things to me like, “Hurry up and finish that book so you can pay off the windows.”  Doesn't sound sweet to you, huh?  It does to me.  It’s his way of telling me that he believes in me and even when I get silly ideas that I don’t think will amount to any story worth telling, I should write it down anyway because someone will want to publish it.  And give me money for it.  I’m a pretty good writer.  I don’t mean to sound haughty. 

The great Stephen King, writer of It and The Stand, had days when things sucked donkey balls.  We all do.  I can’t imagine him not being a great and inspiring writer.  Same thing with MaryJanice Davidson.  I can’t imagine her not being The MJD, author of the Undead series.  And one day someone will think of me in the same way.  Again, I don’t mean to sound haughty.  I just believe in myself.  

So, what is a realistic date to set for the completion of the editing of Bound so that I can start querying agents?  I guess that answer lies with the next question: how many pages can I send to my writing buddy without her brain exploding from too much reading?  I'm going to ask her really, really nicely.
      Umm, Faye?  Can you do me a favor, please???

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  1. We all have to start somewhere. Putting yourself out there is both scary and exhilarating, but it has to be done if your going to leave your footprint.