Sunday, April 7, 2013

My muse can be mean. Really, really mean.

The title kind of explains it all. Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes, my muse is nice and she bakes cookies and we work hand in hand eating those warm cookies and cooking up great storylines. My muse, Cheyenne (she told me her name last night), laughs when my characters make jokes and cry’s when one of them hurts. She even gets all hot and bothered when my characters do the ‘grown-up’. I tell her to knock that crap off because I’m in the room. And it’s rude. Anyway, when I carve out time she and I get along swimmingly.

Cheyenne also has a dark side. She’s the one who starts to get upset when I don’t write for a few days. She bides her time. After I lay my daughter down for bed and try to get everything straight so I can go to sleep, she starts. Cheyenne tries to lure me with promises of warm cookies and velvety Lactaid. If I deny her, she says she’ll make me margaritas for post writing cocktails. If I still refuse her, that’s when things get ugly. Before I know what’s happened, I’m sitting in front of the laptop with a crossbow pointed to the back of my head and she’s screaming, “Write, dammit! Write! I will not be put on the back burner!”

She goes on and on. So, I write. I edit. I do stuff so she’ll back off.

But last night, she finally met her match. My daughter.

While I was downstairs writing at 3 am, my daughter started crying. Cheyenne put down the crossbow and told me to be quick about it. I gave my daughter her binky, but it wasn’t enough. You see, my 15-month old is teething. That is scary enough all by itself. So, I had to apply more involved actions: baby Motrin, a bottle and cuddling. As I cuddled my little one, Cheyenne started her idle threats. But she had met her match.

Even though we try and try to carve out time to write and usually when we really give it a try, it works. But not always. There are instances where writing just isn’t an option. Life happens: your little one needs you in the wee hours of the night; you’re sick as a dog and you don’t have the strength to write. Don’t feel bad about it. Just don’t make it a habit. I did once and didn’t write for over six months.

Crap happens but you’ve got to push past it and sacrifice a little. Cut the television off and go write. Stay up a little later and write. Do something. Just make it happen.

And I’m done.

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  1. At least Cheyenne had the decency to tell you her name lol. Your muse and my muse should go out for drinks... and then write.