Monday, June 10, 2013

Fight for your Write!

Authors, English majors and Word Police, I am aware I wrote ‘Write’ instead of ‘Right’ in the title of this post.  Just go with me here.  It’ll make sense in a minute or two unless you are a complete genius and already know what I’m going to say.  

So many of us complain that we don’t have enough time to do the things we like to do.  At the same time we sit and mindlessly watch television for three hours or take naps when we know we’re not tired.  We’re just bored and sleep sounds awesome.  And then we nag and complain because we never do the things we want to do.  Recently, I paid someone to torture me for ten minutes.  Or you could say I got my eyebrows threaded.  Seriously, it hurts.  And I can compare it to real pain.  I was in labor for three days and for twenty-one hours of those three days I labored naturally.  In theory, I could have kept laboring naturally but that biznatch, I mean my lovely midwife, came into my room every few hours and inserted what felt like her arm into my lady-parts to see how dilated I was.  But I’m getting away from my point here.

Anyway, I made time to let the sadistic woman make my eyebrows look pretty and neat.  I made time to sit on my butt and watch television while my daughter took a nap yesterday.  But I haven’t written or edited in almost two weeks.  Doesn’t that suck?  How can I say, “I don’t have time to write?”  I make time for lots of silly things.  Ask the lady with the thread in her mouth or my couch.

But you do the same thing, don’t you?  We all do.  We can’t help it!  Whether you’re a writer or a mathematician or a chef or whatever it is you do, we all nosh and then blame it on time.  I just played on Facebook for 45 minutes before I wrote this post.  And did I really get anything done?  No! (Well, I did get a kickass score on Bejeweled!)  

So, what am I going to do?  What are you going to do?  We’re going to write!  We’re going to do math!  We’re going to cook!  We’re going to get it done because no one ever got ahead by sitting on their behind.  Famous words from the blonde chick in that cheerleader/bank robber movie.  I love that movie.  Those cheerleaders didn’t sit on their butts when their pregnant friend was broke and needed money.  No!  They did something about it.  They were on the A-squad and managed to rob a bank and still be best friends and not get caught by the fuzz.  

I’m rambling, but you get what I’m saying.  Fight for your write.  Fight for your brioche.  Fight for whatever it is mathematicians fight about.  Time moves so quickly.  

I’m going to go write right now.  And think about that cheerleader movie.  Dang-it, what was the name of that movie!



  1. This made me laugh AND get motivated. Thanks for the great post!