Sunday, June 23, 2013

I'm on a boat!

Well, actually I’m not on a boat.  I'm just sitting in Starbucks eating some great Sweet Bread, picturing Lonely Island featuring T-Pain's video I'm On A Boat.  It's hilarious.  But that is so not the point.  Focus people. 

Back to the point at hand:  I’m on a boat!  At least it feels like I’m on a boat when I’m driving my new car.  I just bought a Dodge Caliber and it’s a stick shift.  I’ve never had a manual vehicle but it’s a great car and the price was great.  While checking out dealership inventory online, I ran across this car.  I thought it was an automatic, called and said, “Hey!  I’m coming in right now to see this car.  Can I? Can I? Can I?”  My husband walked up and asked me when did I learn to drive a stick shift.  He tried to teach me a few years ago and I sucked at it.  I got the gist of it but I was no expert.  But his vehicle was a pick-up truck and as I’ve discovered over the past few days, was much harder to drive than my non pick-up Caliber.  Needless to say, I got the extended warranty just in case I burned the clutch or any other thing I could possible do to the car.  My husband convinced me it was a great car and that I would use less gas and blah, blah, blah.  My husband had me sold on it.

I wanted something with more room for our growing family and this was it.  When I’m driving, and especially when I’m parking, I feel like I am actually driving a boat.  Have I ever driven a boat before?  No.  Do they call it driving a boat or do you maneuver it?  Who knows?  Do sailors know?  Why am I talking in questions? 

This kind of falls in line with my writing shtick this week.   I wasn’t looking for a manual vehicle.  I just wanted a spacious car that I could drive for the next few years.  Four years to be exact.  Well, maybe six years.  I’ll be paying for it for the next four years so I’d like to drive it payment free for at least two years.  Anyway, I didn’t get the car that I thought I was going to get.  And sometimes when you write, you have to learn to roll with the punches.  My critique group members suggested that I added something to my novel, Bound.  They all agreed that someone should pretty much die.  It breaks my heart but these people are readers and us writers should listen to our readers.  Part of me wants to add a character just so they can die.  I love the people in my novel and would hate to part with any of them.  But the vote is in and someone is getting kicked off the island. 

Maybe The Lonely Island and T-Pain will be there with an actual boat to save them...


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  1. Ack! I don't want to have the death of one of your characters on my head. For the record, I just said something scary - killing someone totally rests with you lol. Either way, I can't wait to read it!