Friday, June 14, 2013

Jenn Roseton and the Hot and Sexy Series!!

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Today, during the first annual All Author's Blog Blitz, I have the Jenn Roseton as a guest blogger and her Hot and Sexy Series!

The Hot and Sexy series is a two-part erotic romance series featuring Jared and Christy.

In Hot and Sexy 1: Seductive Persuasion, Christy has gone to an isolated cabin in the woods for a few days.  Jared has proposed that she move in with him, but since she's only been dating him for a few months, she's not sure if she's ready for such a large commitment.  Can Jared persuade her (make that seduce her!) that moving in with him is the right thing for both of them?

Here's an excerpt:

“She tried to pull away from him, but his arm tightened around her. “Where do you think you’re going?” he whispered huskily. “I haven’t finished persuading you yet.”


He kissed her hungrily. “Don’t talk. And don’t think. Just feel.”

“But I need--”

“I know what you need.” He pinned her underneath him, holding her in place with his lower body as he ripped open the buttons of his shirt and yanked it off.

Christy found herself admiring his hard, muscular chest while wondering whether she should try to stop him. “Jared...” She reached out.

He caught her hand in his and kissed her palm. “Let me make love to you, Christy.” ”

Hot and Sexy 1: Seductive Persuasion is available from:

Amazon - Hot and Sexy 1: Seductive Persuasion
if it's not free on Amazon, then please download it for free from:

Smashwords -Hot and Sexy 1: Seductive Persuasion
Kobo -Hot and Sexy 1: Seductive Persuasion
Barnes and Noble - Hot and Sexy 1: Seductive Persuasion

In the sequel, Hot and Sexy 2: Bridal Jitters, Jared and Christy are now engaged.  However, Christy is stressed out from wedding planning and plans to go back to the cabin to spend a couple of days alone so she can clear her head.  When Jared finds her packing her bag, Jared finds he needs to use his own special brand of seductive persuasion once more to calm Christy’s wedding jitters before the big day. But will a ghost from Jared’s past come back to haunt him before he can claim Christy as his bride?

At the moment, Hot and Sexy 2: Bridal Jitters is only available through Amazon for 99c:

Hot and Sexy 2: Bridal Jitters

Jenn Roseton loves writing erotic romance and eating gourmet chocolate. You can connect with her at

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