Thursday, August 29, 2013

Epic Awesomeness!

 So, it’s been a while since I’ve said hello.  So… Hello. 

For those of you who are curious about when the next part of HBA is coming out I beg your forgiveness.  I’ve had one person (this will grow to millions!) ask me about the release date.  And I finally have one.  Peoples of Earth, the release date for Finding Angels is September 14, 2013!

Yes, I know.  I suck.  But please understand.  I had a huge change that popped into my awesome brain and I just had to make it happen.  And you can't put a lid on awesome.  When I am a successful, published author these dates will be set more concrete.  Just know that I have been working my butt off to make this happen.  I didn’t want to give you something sloppy and underdeveloped.  Once the change came, I had to change so many other things.  Now you know.

Has anyone seen the convocation speech from Georgia Tech?  The guy that delivered it was awesome.  His name is Nick and if by chance he happens to be a reader of my blog (What up?!) I want you to know that your speech inspired me. 

No, I don’t go to Georgia Tech and I’m not doing ‘that’ but I am doing my thing.  My ‘that.  And it feels good.  Even though I work into the wee hours of the night when everyone else is peacefully sleeping, it feels good to get it done.  It gives me hope that one day I will be doing ‘that’.  I AM DOING THAT!!

And what is that?  Writing like a mad woman to make this happen.  So even when I look like this:

I’m still happy. And still random.

Let’s all be happy.  

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Does slow and steady really win the race?

I’ve finally found an accurate picture of my muse, Cheyenne.  She’s a bit more colorful and wears jeans and a leather vest, but this is her.   


Oh, and she uses a crossbow, not a gun.  She’s more of a, “You’re cruisin’ for a bruisin’!”  Not an, “I’ll kill you!” kind of gal. 

She’s been putting the pressure on me.  Cheyenne has even taken the nonviolent route which scares me even more.  It makes me feel bad.  Her threats have gone away and now I’m left with the cut of her eye, the shake of her head.  I know she’s disappointed in me for taking my sweet time in finding a cover and editing. 

Moving on.

I’ve always known that I’m my biggest critic and that I’m the one holding me up.  So, I’m trying to devote more time to writing and editing so that I will be successful, published me.  R.A. Boyd: great writer. 

By the by, I hope you’ve gained something (probably not) from this short blog entry, but I think it was more for me.  I realize my poor time management is my downfall.  Am I trying to be careful or just plain dragging ass?  Any suggestions?

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Who are you teaching?

Before I begin, let me say that I hope I don’t offend anyone.  These are only my opinions. 

This morning I heard a review of the new movie Percy Jackson’s Sea of Monsters.  I loved the first one and plan on seeing the new one.  I also happen to be a Christian who writers paranormal fiction about werewolves, ghosts and demons.  The reviewer said yes, it is a family film but it will leave you scratching your head because it’s a movie about gods and demigods.  In the cinematic adventure, per reviewer, Jesus was called ‘a god’.  Not The Son of God or The Son of the Holy Trinity, so you may want to do some research before you go see the movie. 

Let’s go a little deeper here.  Growing up, my family and I didn’t go to church every Sunday or hold hands and bless our food at dinner time.  My mother was and is a Christian and didn’t force the issue.  We watched Tales from the Crypt every Sunday night.  As I got older I did my own thing and found my way to Christianity.  Growing up, I also knew that my mother was my biggest teacher.  There was not a movie or television show that could tell me better than she could.  I even fought my fears away using her words.  If there was anything that frightened me, she told me that it wasn’t real and that if by chance it was real, she would kick the holy crap out of it if it came near me and my sister.  I loved Greek and Roman mythology and knew it was just that.  Mythology.  I loved scary movies but I knew they were just movies.

People need to step up and stop blaming violent television shows or games or books (God forbid!) on why their kids have gone bat-sh*t crazy.  But let’s face it, some people are really just bat-sh*t crazy and need serious help, tight jackets and padded rooms.  Teach your children what’s what.  Even teachers will tell you that they can teach our children but, it’s up to the parents to make it stick.  I can go further into the teacher-child-parent relationship but I’m not going to.  I have something else to talk about.  But I digress.  Parents and guardians need to teach their kids because someone stupid is always ready and willing to do the job. 

Moving on.  A representative from  Abeapparels contacted me about putting some free reads on their page so they could broaden their audience to readers.  Abeapparels sells men’s and women’s clothing.  They work to uplift the community and send out a positive message.  We had a laugh when I said, “I do write about supernatural creatures, and yes demons, but I’m not painting them in a negative light.”  That does sound a bit off coming from a Christian, doesn’t it?  He told me that they just don’t want to send out a mixed message to their customers and I completely agree.  Mr. Patterson, aforementioned representative, told me as long as I wasn’t worshiping Satan or anything like that, we were cool. 

I believe God gave me a gift.  If I sound arrogant then I apologize, but it’s true.  And I thank Him every day for it and I can’t wait for it to pay off.  Figuratively and literally.  I know it will. 

And let me just add one more thing.  Being who I am, I can’t safely say what does and does not exist.  But I know what I’ll teach my daughter.  She’ll know right from wrong and she’ll know that wrong comes with serious consequences.  I have an open mind and have said in the past that I long for the day I hear the sound of the Tardis coming because the Doctor and I have loads of stuff to do together.  Or maybe we’ve already done it but I can’t remember because it will fry my brain. (I love Donna Noble!)  Or maybe Sam and Dean Winchester-like people will come and tell me to kick the bad wichamajig’s ass because I can totally do it.  But that’s me.  I’m not going to hold my breath on it.  I love to create worlds where people can disappear in to and when they come up for air, they wish they could have stayed submerged a little longer. 

And by-the-by, I am stoked that Fogull/McLovin’ is back in Kick-Ass 2.  He kind of looks like Prince in the previews.  Ohh!  I’ll call him, the Artist Formally Known as McLovin’!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Energy Flows...

I’m going to hit a few points here this evening.  In the end, I’m pretty sure they will all add up and make perfect sense.  But as of right now, these are three different subjects that have been on my mind all day long.  For those of you who read my blog regularly, you know I have a tendency to rant but in the end, it usually (most of the time) makes for a good read. 

So, here goes:

1.       A coworker of mine told me that I had a four leaf clover in my arse.  Why?  Because every time I get a scratch-off from the liquor store near our job, I win.  I usually win back whatever it is I spent but more than half of the time I win more than triple of what I paid.  Let it be known that I do not buy the really expensive ones.  The highest I’ve gone is spending ten dollars for one.  And then I’ll win at least fifteen dollars back but mostly I win $30-50 dollars. 

Energy goes where attention flows.  When I buy a scratch-off I always say, “I always win when I buy these things.”

When I bought one today I told myself that I would win at least fifty dollars.  The first little section I scratched off said that I had instantly won fifty dollars!  Again: Energy goes where attention flows. 

2.       A buddy of mine, who happens to be the awesome writer Faye McCray from, said on her blog yesterday that, “One thing is clear, I need to let go and trust in my divine purpose.  Sometimes you have to relinquish control and dance with the wind... instead of fighting so hard to control which direction it blows.”  I don’t know if she came up with this herself, but it sure does rock!  And is sure is true. 

Sometimes, even before I sit down to write, these are the destructive thoughts that flow through my mind: “I’m sleepy.”  “I don’t think I have enough time to write.”  “I have so much to do and I don’t even know where to start.”  Blah, blah, blurg!  I sabotage myself before I even get started!  My attention is already on the fact that I’m working against the clock.  Energy goes where attention flows. 

3.       A coworker of mine who runs posted a recipe for Maple Pecan Granola.  I told her I was thinking of making it but I was just too lazy to do it.  She’s so awesome, she sells her products on her website.  She even suggested I use gluten-free oats for my daughter who has a gluten allergy.  Lazy took over and I asked her to make it for me.  It was so deliciously awesome, three days after she gave me a pound of this tasty stuff, I was making more for me and my family.  I’m actually eating a bowel of it right now.  And there’s granola on the keyboard. 

Jen is constantly looking for recipes and trying new things so that she can pass it along to her readers.  One day, she’ll have a cookbook of her own and she is definitely on her way.  Energy goes where attention flows.

And here goes the round-up ladies and gents!  We can be our own worst enemy.  I know I am.  We writers find so many excuses as to why we can’t write right now or later on tonight.  But if we spent as much time cheering ourselves on as we do breaking ourselves down, we’d be in our great moment!  And this doesn’t just apply to writers.  It’s everyone.  We tell ourselves all of the reasons we can’t do something even when it comes so naturally to us.  And what happens when you don’t do what makes you feel good?  You feel like crap and that energy bounces around and make other people think, “Hey, that person feels like crap.  Let me back away slowly…”  You don’t want people to feel that way about you.  Well, maybe you do sometimes so that they’ll leave you the hell alone, but not always. 

Be your biggest cheerleader.  You know you’ve got it in you.  Let it flow.  Dance with the wind and be happy.  Once you get your brain up to date, everything else will catch up.  

Sidebar:  What do you guys think about Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor?  I will always love you, Matt Smith. 


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Just checking in

A friend of mine and I always check-in with each other.  We met in high school and after we graduated, we didn't talk for almost ten years. We ran in to each other years later and it was like we were teenagers again.  She is the only person I can sit on the phone with and talk to for more than an hour.  She and I don't do it that often.

Then days go by and we won't talk at all: she's busy with work and her house and family, I'm busy with my munchkin and work and writing.  Life happens.  But, we call or send a text just to say, "Dude, I'm alive.  Don't worry."

So, that's what this is.  I'm working really hard to finish editing part two of Hunted by Angels, Finding Angels.  An idea hit me and I did a rewrite.  For those of you who downloaded HBA, there was a little blurb at the end of the book that said that the next part would be out yesterday. 

I'm so ashamed.  If all goes well with the cover of the book, it will be out within a week.  It's gonna be great. 

And for those of you who haven't checked out HBA, click on my link to the right and check me out. 

Oh!  Hello people in Asia and Europe who read my blog.  I didn't know you cared!

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