Thursday, August 15, 2013

Does slow and steady really win the race?

I’ve finally found an accurate picture of my muse, Cheyenne.  She’s a bit more colorful and wears jeans and a leather vest, but this is her.   


Oh, and she uses a crossbow, not a gun.  She’s more of a, “You’re cruisin’ for a bruisin’!”  Not an, “I’ll kill you!” kind of gal. 

She’s been putting the pressure on me.  Cheyenne has even taken the nonviolent route which scares me even more.  It makes me feel bad.  Her threats have gone away and now I’m left with the cut of her eye, the shake of her head.  I know she’s disappointed in me for taking my sweet time in finding a cover and editing. 

Moving on.

I’ve always known that I’m my biggest critic and that I’m the one holding me up.  So, I’m trying to devote more time to writing and editing so that I will be successful, published me.  R.A. Boyd: great writer. 

By the by, I hope you’ve gained something (probably not) from this short blog entry, but I think it was more for me.  I realize my poor time management is my downfall.  Am I trying to be careful or just plain dragging ass?  Any suggestions?

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  1. Just do it. When I was just starting off in my day job, I had a mentor who diagnosed me with paralysis of analysis. He said I was overthinking my choices and it was stopping me from making one. Picture Cheyenne holding that cross bow to your head and do it! (I need to take my own advice lol)