Thursday, August 1, 2013

Just checking in

A friend of mine and I always check-in with each other.  We met in high school and after we graduated, we didn't talk for almost ten years. We ran in to each other years later and it was like we were teenagers again.  She is the only person I can sit on the phone with and talk to for more than an hour.  She and I don't do it that often.

Then days go by and we won't talk at all: she's busy with work and her house and family, I'm busy with my munchkin and work and writing.  Life happens.  But, we call or send a text just to say, "Dude, I'm alive.  Don't worry."

So, that's what this is.  I'm working really hard to finish editing part two of Hunted by Angels, Finding Angels.  An idea hit me and I did a rewrite.  For those of you who downloaded HBA, there was a little blurb at the end of the book that said that the next part would be out yesterday. 

I'm so ashamed.  If all goes well with the cover of the book, it will be out within a week.  It's gonna be great. 

And for those of you who haven't checked out HBA, click on my link to the right and check me out. 

Oh!  Hello people in Asia and Europe who read my blog.  I didn't know you cared!

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