Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How We Writers Do It!

You ever see that Brad Pitt and Edward Norton movie Fight Club?  I freaking love, love, LOVE that movie.  There’s drama, comedy, suspense, crazy sex and crazy people.  I.  Love.  It.  

So, does anyone know the first rule of Fight Club?  You do not talk about Fight Club.
Second rule of Fight Club:  You do not talk about Fight Club!

I believe us writers are a part of the Right Club.  Yes, the Right Club.  I use the ‘R’ because us writers are oh so right!  Cheesy, yes.  But true.  We write books and stories that people are able to disappear in to.  I know I do! 

There are a few rules of Right Club we need to abide by.  So, what is the first rule of Right Club:  You must write every day. 

Seconds rule of Right Club:  Dang-it!  You must write every day!!

Third rule of Right Club:  Write stuff you would want to read.  How do you do that?  Read books.  I don’t believe you can write a book of any genre if you don’t read that genre.

Here is a great example.  I don’t read Urban Fiction, also known as Street Lit.  While many people love to read Urban Fiction, it’s just not my bag, baby.  A critique group member and fellow writer-buddy, Faye McCray, and I have joke.  I always say I’m going to write an UF book about a prostitute who has dreams of being a Dolphin Doctor (she doesn’t know the terms ‘Veterinarian’ or ‘Marine Biologist’ but dammit, she wants to be one!) and she faces many tragedies on her way to becoming a Dolphin Doctor.  In the end, she gives up her dreams and becomes a Pimp.  A very nice pimp who is good to her ho’s. 

But here comes book two!  She becomes… (dah, dah, DAHHHH!!) a people doctor who works at the free clinic because she wants to help prostitutes lead healthier lives. 

I know.  It sucks.  But still.  She thinks it would be a hit.  I’ve only read two Urban Fiction novels so I couldn’t, and wouldn’t, safely write a book in that genre.  Just so you know, my husband also thinks I should write this book.  Apparently, it’s a great idea.

Fourth rule of Right Club: Celebrate!  Dude, you just wrote a book.  Disco Boogie and be happy. 

Now it’s time to reread, rewrite, reread, rewrite and once you are proud and believe it’s the best it can be, start looking for an agent to stalk, I mean, to query. 

Now here is another monster:  writing your query.  We need another club for that one.  Once I’ve successfully written one we’ll talk about it.  Actually, I did and the agent loved it.  I just hadn’t finished writing the book when I wrote the freaking awesome query!

I’m trying my hand at self-publishing so that when I do query agents I can say, “Hey, I have a fan base and I know that if we work together it’s going to rock!”

There you have it.  That’s what I’ve got.  It’s good.  It’s not law but it’s good. 

Whadaya think?

Oh, yeah.  And writers in the Right Club are like Bradward (Brad and Edward).  Or shall we call him by his name: Tyler Durden.   

We fight with ourselves every day.  We fight to make time to write and edit.  And sometimes it gets dirty. 

But don’t worry.  We’ll get it done. 

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