Monday, September 9, 2013

You don't even know!

Have you ever read a book?  A book so awesome you sat and tried to figure out how the heck the author came up with the idea?  You were just so amazed and you sat and wondered how that person’s brain works.  Did they dream about it?  Did it suddenly pop into their head?  Did they sit and will it into being until they were able to breathe through their eyeballs like that dude on the Roseanne Show when Jackie and Roseanne went to a spa?

I sit and wonder how J.K. Rowlings’ brain works.  The reality she created in the Harry Potter series… mind-boggling!  Mimi Jean Pamfiloff and her gods and vampires… awesome brouhaha!  C.J. Ellisson and her vacationing vamps… love it!  Stephen King and his…Everything!  Epic!  R.A. Boyd and her stuff… fantastical!  (I just had to toot my own horn.)

Writing a book is hard.  I digress.  It flows when a person has a natural talent, but it is hard nonetheless. 

Where am I going?  Here it is. 
Don’t tell writers that you’re going to write a book because and I quote, “How hard can it be?”  Umm, exsqueeze me!  How hard can it be?

People who love to read and who would love to write a book: one of the most insulting things you can say to a writer about writing a book is, “How.  Hard.  Can.  It.  Be?”  And then to follow up with, “People write books every day.”

Really?  People do a lot of things every day but that doesn’t make it easy.  People teach kids.  People make stained glass windows.  Mathematicians do math stuff.  That doesn’t make it easy.  

To my fellow writers, I commend you .  To teachers of every level, I commend you.  To the mothers who only got four hours of sleep and then went to work, came home and spent time with their families, tried to carve out ten minutes of alone time and then managed to make it through the next day with only five hours of sleep, you are awesome.  To that douche who thinks it’s easy to write a book, I’m giving you the finger. 

What books have taken you away recently?  Marie Hall’s Kingdom novels have been my thing for the past month.  I’m sad that it had to end.  Mimi Jean Pamfiloff’s Vampires Need Not… Apply?  Here I come.  And after that, I think I’ll reread Alice Clayton’s Wallbanger for the third time. 

Have any suggestions for me?  Anything you think I’d love to read?  I’d love to hear about it.

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