Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happily Stressed Out

I’ve written two novels. Yay! (Actually, I’ve written three but one is in major need of tons of help) One is quietly sitting on my little USB drive waiting for me to edit it. The other has been thoroughly edited and now I’m querying agents in its awesome name. Wanna know what? The novel was a crap-load easier to write than the freaking query! My. Brain. Hurts. I’ve had headaches and upset stomachs and this is still the beginning.

About three months ago I thought I had written the perfect query. Are you laughing? I’m not. Well, I am but in an, “What the hell were you thinking?” kind of way. Then, I found
and had lots of strangers point out the obvious to me. The members of the CCW group had gone over it, but they’d read the query AFTER they read the novel. That kind of puts them in a strange yet familiar place when they read the query. Letting someone read it who knows nothing about the novel has helped me more than you could possibly imagine. When an agent takes a look at the query letter they know nothing about the novel. They haven’t built a relationship with the characters like my fellow CCW had. The agent has yet to point out what they don’t like about the novel. They just read the query and say, “Hmm. No. Your query is off and wrong and just no.”

So, thank you  And Queryshark, you rock in that, “I’m tearing you to bits, but I love you!” way. And this is good. I’ve learned so much by writing a totally crappy hook. It’s gotten better. Like waaay better. And that’s what counts. A writer has to have thick skin because even if you’re a bestselling writer there are still people who will hate your work and say you suck. But that’s just fine. There are ten times more people who love your work and anticipate that next piece of awesomeness that you release. And they rock the bells.

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