Friday, February 7, 2014

Me, myself and them!

I once read that a writer should only work on one thing at a time.  If you have an idea for a book while you’re working on another piece, you should take notes and push it to the side.  Up until a few days ago, I thought it was hogwash.  I’ve worked on two different pieces of writing at the same time and never had any problems.  That is until Haines reared his hunky head and wanted to be the Alpha in the bunch.  He’s so selfish.
For those of you who are familiar with Haines from the Hunted by Angels novellas, you know he’s quite dominant and doesn’t like it when things aren’t going his way.  Even when Perry tries to be her normal forceful self, he puts the kybosh on it.  Haines is an incubus.  He’s all broad shoulders and sexy, and full kissable lips and tall and sexy.  In my head, Haines reminds me of Idris Elba.  Ohhh… Idris Elba.  I love him.  He’s so… Haines. 

Moving on.  Perry and Haines have been on the back-burner for a few weeks and I’ve been giving all my attention to Kayla and Patrick.  These two are from my werewolf novel; the one I’m querying agents with.  I love Patrick.  He’s a go with the flow kind of guy who wants nothing more than to protect and please Kayla.  Kayla is a take it as it comes kinda gal who rolls with the punches.  So not like Perry and Haines.  And they decided it was time to have a voice. 
When I tried to go from one to the other I had to step away from the computer for a few minutes.  I thought I’d lost my mojo!  These two couples are so different.  So awesome, but so different.  I found that when I worked on the werewolves, my frame of mind was so lovey-dovey that when I tried to write Haines he came out wrong.  He wasn’t my Haines.  And I love Haines the way he is.  Ohhh, Idris Elba.

So, now I’m a believer.  Yes, I do think you can write two different pieces at the same time but when you have characters that are so diametrically different you need a minute to get your thoughts straight.  I would never want to get my boys mixed up.  They have their own personalities and to try to push them together makes them so less awesome.  It’s almost like having a split personality, in a non-mentally unstable way.  The part of me that can make Kayla and Patrick who they are can’t be present with that Perry-girl and Haines lady is here. 


Now, what’s going to happen when Kayla and Patrick meet Perry and Haines?  It’s so going to happen.  But, I don’t think it’ll be as easy as I thought it would be. 


Ohh, Idris Elba…


  1. Girl! I thought it was me. When the heroine of the books are similar it's easier for me to write anything at the same time but when they are diametrically opposed - Look out schizophrenia - here I come! lol! Great post!

  2. Haha, agreed. I realize I have to set the mood before I delve into different work. Music, atmosphere... etc. Yea, writer schizophrenia sounds about right lol.