Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dirty Romance?

All things paranormal are my thing: novels, novellas, movies, flash fiction, tours.  I love it.  And by tours I mean the ghost tour in New Orleans (I love, love love New Orleans!).  I love paranormal stuff so much, I write paranormal fiction.  It’s my jam.  My lady jam.  Very rarely do I stray from speculative fiction books.  But an author has lead me astray.  
A few months ago I read a book called The Vampire Coalition by J.S. Scott.  I downloaded the first one for free and then I was hooked.  My new book boyfriend is Rory from The Vampire Coalition.  Hmm… Rory.  He’s so big and sexy and big.  I’ve never laid eyeballs on this fictitious dude but I know exactly what he looks like.  Hmm… Rory.  So big and…
I’m getting away from myself. 
Anyway, after reading the complete series I started checking out her other books.  The Billionaire’s Obsession series was one of them.  Even though I’m tired of the whole I’m-so-rich-and-sexy-and-I’m-going-to-save-you-and-make-sweet-love-to-you-gurl kind of books I completely fell in lust, I—I mean in love, with these dudes.  The women in these books are far from damsels in distress.  They are hard working, independent women who just happen to fall in love with large, muscled men that have like a gazillion dollars.  These ladies don’t allow these Alpha-males to push them around.  Maybe that’s what draws me to these books.  None of the women are helpless.  They know what they want, and what they don’t want, and go after it.  And the guys are pretty much putty in their hands.  The awesome descriptions of each of these sexy men are so vivid, they leave me theoretically clutching my pearls.   I love it!   
Erotic romance and contemporary romance.  Who would have thought I would read these books?  I didn’t!  Don’t get me wrong, I step outside of my comfort genre often but romance usually makes me gag.  Reading about ‘her sweet, heaving bosom’ and ‘passion-filled eyes’, yuk.  It just doesn’t float my boat.  I guess when it comes down to the romance genre I like it funny, interesting and dirty.  That’s the gist of it.  I like my romance dirty. 
Wow, does that say something about me?   Who cares. 

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