Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Busy Lady

Hello All!
It has been so long since I got a chance to share my random with you. What have I been doing? you may ask. Well, I’ve been working on the werewolf novel. The folks from were awesome and Anita Mumm is the awesomist. Ms. Mumm used to work with the Nelson Literary Agency and is now offering her services to help writers make it happen with tons of stuff that she is awesome at. Did I mention she was awesome?

Becoming Angels is almost finished and I hope to have it available on Kindle by the end of next month. I decided to put everything in this last installment instead of breaking it up into two more pieces. More Perry for your money! Don’t’cha just love Perry?

My lovely daughter has become ‘Patient Zero’ in our house. What ever little toddler germs she happened upon at the sitter has now taken me and my hubby down. I, of course, am still doing my me-duties while my husband (who has the same thing as I do, only not as bad) seems to be dying of The Black Death. Oh, wait, he only seems that way…

The Maryland Writers Conference was great so I was pretty busy preparing for that AND I’ve still been going to work and doing all the other things yours truly just happens to do. So, there you have it. Since things have calmed down a bit I will begin making my weekly appearances. Cause I know you missed me. Or at least I hope you did...