Sunday, October 26, 2014

Thank you, Dean Winchester

It’s been a long time. A long, long, looonng time and I have no excuse. So I won’t give you one. I hit a skid mark a few months ago and I’ve finally managed to clean myself up. (Not a real skid mark, the metaphorical kind!) New job, tons of writing, an awesome daughter who makes life awesome, and I feel better. I feel lighter. It’s all good, y’all.  

My mom gave me a good dose of get-your-shit-together, the kind of meds only a mom can give you, and it started me on a path that I’m happy to be on. I have a better job, Bound is finished and edited and almost ready to be formatted for eBooks, and I’ve almost finished HBA. I put my beloved, snarky, Perry-girl on hold for a while and finished a few projects that were demanding to be completed. 

My muse, Cheyenne, has morphed into Dean Winchester and is puttin’ the pressure on me. After my mom gave me that great dose of ‘so what’ I came home, tried to ignore the computer, and realized she, by way of Dean, was standing behind me telling me to make it happen. 

So, here it goes. Thank you, Mom/Cheyenne/Dean; your sense-making-talks and threats are greatly appreciated.