Monday, March 30, 2015

Free download?

I’ve been reading. I’ve also been buying way too many books that I will only be able to read if I start reading now and don’t stop until my time on this lovely planet is up. Add a few more years to that and then I should be able to finish all the books on my Kindle and Nook app. Not to mention the prints that I pick up when one walks by and grabs me by the eyes.
Here’s the kicker: I’ve come to realize that I don’t like to pay .99 cents for 40 pages worth of writing. Don’t get me wrong! There are tons of authors who are kicking butt and taking names with that strategy. Fist bump to you. High five to you!
It’s just not me. I stopped buying those books last year and then I realized something. I was one of those authors!!! I’m sorry. Accept my apology.
Hunted by Angels was .99 cents for about 45 pages. Finding Angels was .99 cents for 80 pages.
So here is my solution…
Hunted by Angels, the complete novel, is finished. I’m going to upload the entire book through the original HBA link on Kindle and Nook. That means that all of you wonderful people who have purchased  Hunted by Angels already will be able to get an update. An update of the entire novel. For. Free.
For. Free.
‘Cause I love you guys. And ‘cause I’m a reader who understands that I can purchase an entire novel for .99 cents.
There it is. My big announcement. Hunted by Angels: the novel, will be available April 23, 2015. You’ll get to see what happened after ‘you know who’ was killed. You’ll get to see who the heck Perry really is. And you’ll get to see just how sinfully delicious Haines can be when he’s not being a bag of douche.

I can’t wait!! I hope you can’t either.