Saturday, February 13, 2016

Full time writer...

As of today I have moved from the world of being a working girl (not the hooker-kind) to a stay at home mother and writer. 

The weeks leading up to this day were a big blur. I started preparing myself by writing down goals to achieve, such as how many words to write a day and where I’m going to be in three years, and by cleaning out my desk at work. I didn’t know I had at least three full meals in my working space and countless snacks hiding in the refrigerator. 

But, I’m ready. I’ve been ready for a long time. There were always too many excuses why I couldn’t write every day. One of the big ones: I like to sleep when my toddler sleeps. There were plenty of days I went to work after writing for hours, taking my daughter to the potty between 2:42a-3:48a every night, and then getting no more than three hours of sleep. Can you imagine the bitch I turned into at work after nights like those? My co-workers can, but I still managed to be the weird quiet one in the office. I was cool with that.

So! On to the writing. This is going to be fun. 

That is all.